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Hotel Jagua Cienfuegos

Address: Calle 37 Num 1 E/0 Y 2, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba Hotel Jagua Cienfuegos is located in the upscale neighborhood of the city called Punta Gorda and is recognized as one of Cuba’s most celebrated hotels. Perched over the waters of Cienfuegos Bay it provides idyllic panoramic views over the bay, beaches and the enigmatic Palacio del […]

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Cienfuegos Hotel List

Looking for a Hotel in Cienfuegos Cuba? Below is a complete list of hotels that are actually in Cienfuegos. This list of Hotels in Cienfuegos only includes those hotels which are in the city and province, which includes: Cienfuegos City Center, Playa Rancho Luna, Punta Gorda and Cienfuegos Province. Booking Cienfuegos Hotels with our Fast […]

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