Naval Museum Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos Naval Museum Cuba

If you only visit one war museum in Cuba, just five blocks northwest of the Parque Martí is the ornate pink building containing the Naval museum of Cienfuegos. Dating back to 1933 the Museo Historico Naval Nacional in Cienfuegos is probably the most interesting but overlooked of museums in Cuba. It’s based in the former headquarters of the southern naval command center; it is approached by a wide driveway, flanked with armaments dating from different eras. From the outside it does not look particularly interesting or appealing, however it offers some the best displays on the history of the Cuban Navy in the whole of Cuba. In fact, it was this very place in September 1957 that a group of sailors and civilians staged an unsuccessful uprising against the Batista regime. This revolt is the central theme of the museum. The museum explores in depth this anti-Batista rebellion of 5 September 1957, and the country’s declaration of war on Germany, Tokyo, and Rome. The Museo Historio Naval Nacional also provides some interesting information on the Bay of Pigs Invasion at Playa Giron as well as other assorted items like old Spanish coins and other maritime finds. As an added caveat, if you would like some great photos of the city, the ramparts of the museum offer great views of Cienfuegos Bay.