El Nicho Waterfalls Cienfuegos

El Nicho Waterfalls in Cienfuegos

Visitors to Cienfuegos consider this one the city’s most important attractions, in fact walking through the caves of El Nicho Mountains, experiencing the amazing wildlife, flora and fauna of the area is true serenity in itself. All the way through the reserve you’ll find picturesque waterfalls inviting you to bathe in the crystalline clear waters of the natural pools at the base of each cascade. These are probably some of the most attractive natural rock swimming pools in the western hemisphere. For those interested in bird-watching, this is one of Cuba’s protected sanctuaries, offering amazing array of colors and species in plain eyesight. Cuba’s national bird, the Tocororo, lives in this mountain region making the valleys around Cienfuegos its natural habitat.

To get there from Cienfuegos is simple, either by renting a car or choosing one of varied excursions tours to the area. From Cienfuegos the group tours use Minibuses that will pick you up at any location in the city or at your hotel between 8 and 9am and return you to the same place. The average cost of a one day excursion to cost for one day trip to El Nicho Waterfalls Cienfuegos is around $30.