Dolphinarium of Cienfuegos

Swimming With Dolphins Cienfuegos

For many the promise of petting and swimming with dolphins is a once in a life experience. The Dolphinarium of Cienfuegos offers excellent shows, dolphin acrobatics and the inimitable Dolphin contact with visitors. At just 15 CUC entrance fee, this show should not be missed. Located 5 minutes from downtown Cienfuegos the Dolphinarium of Cienfuegos is one of the few in Cuba which allows guests varied levels of contact with Dolphins. For those with the courage, two dolphins are trained to lift you from the water! Of course, kids and adults can pet dolphins on the poolside if the aforementioned is a little too adventurous. There´s also an entertaining segment where kids are towed around the aquarium in a tiny yellow row boat in which they can take turns with up to two kids at a time.