Tomas Terry Theater Cienfuegos

Teatro Tomas Terry Cienfuegos

Probably one of the most historic buildings in Cienfuegos has to be the Teatro Tomas Terry. Built in 1889 it was, at the time, one of the largest capacity theaters in the Caribbean designed for 1200 people. Unlike many historic theatres around the world, the Terry Theater of Cienfuegos is still used regularly for performances. Admission fee to simply view the theater itself is 10 pesos (or $50 cents). This impressive building in Cienfuegos is located on the north side of Parque Marti. The theatre was built in homage to Tomas Terry by his family, as a tribute to the man and after his death. An impressive statue of Tomas Terry watches over the theater from the lobby. With clearly Italian architecture, the theatre was conceived by the architect Lino Sanchez Marmol.