Hotel Pasacaballo Cienfuegos

Hotel Pasacaballo Cienfuegos

Address: Carretera Rancho Luna Km 22 1/2 Punta Gorda, Jagua, Cuba

Hotel Pasacaballo Cienfuegos is perfectly positioned at the entrance of the beautiful Cienfuegos Bay, offering panoramic views across the water from its seafront location. Added to the views are those obtained from its which are equally impressive and unhindered. Guests at Hotel Pasacaballo Cienfuegos can enjoy visit to the Ciego Montero spa, the El Nicho waterfalls of El Nicho, Martín Infierno Cave and the fantastic Guajimico Cove, which has excellent diving spots. Just a few steps from the Cienfuegos city Botanical Gardens, Hotel Pasacaballo Cienfuegos is overall a perfectly located base from which to explore this colonial city.

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