Hotel Palacio Azul Cienfuegos

Hotel Palacio Azul Cienfuegos

Address: Calle 37 esq. 12, Punta Gorda Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Hotel Palacio Azul Cienfuegos dates back to 1921 and still has all the original patterned and well-preserved floor tiles numbering 12 different intricate designs. The original blue color of the hotel has historically remained, giving the hotel its name Azul (Blue). Located right next to Cienfuegos Yacht Club at the Marina of Cienfuegos the rooms offer beautiful views of the bay, yachts and Caribbean sea.

Just a few minutes walk from the main Square and the historic colonial town of Cienfuegos and its impressive 19th century designs with Arabic undertones all over the city.

Particularly impressive are ceilings which are 6 meters (19 feet) high. The rooms have been furnished with pretty floral designs that give a ‘cottage’ and homely feel to the Hotel Palacio Azul. All rooms include breakfast at the delightful morning buffet area.

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